5 Ways Your Hiring Process is Losing You Qualified Candidates

Shivani Raval
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3 min readJul 5, 2022


Online video interviews; the norm since COVID!

After weeks of sourcing and screening candidates, you finally find one that matches your requirements. But before you can offer them a future at your company, they inform you that they will be pursuing another opportunity. If this has happened to you, chances are that there is a faulty hiring process to blame.

We at Arcanium have identified five typical errors in a hiring process that causes you to lose qualified candidates. We also provided simple solutions on how to fix them.

1. Your job postings aren’t appealing.

The first impressions on potential candidates are through the job titles and descriptions you post. If you don’t market the desirability of the position, then why would candidates apply in the first place? Also, a poorly worded job posting could prevent it from showing up in the search results of your ideal applicants.

Make sure the details of each job are not difficult to comprehend. You can also promote the position’s stability and growth to sell the reason to apply. Connect the job’s responsibilities to the company culture and vision. This will encourage applicants to be a part of the company’s future success.

2. Your interview process isn’t automated enough.

Once the candidates apply, emailing back and forth to find a convenient time for both parties can be a nuisance. Instead, use websites that allow interviewees to schedule their appointments quickly. Some examples include:

Communicating feedback on candidates is also vital and can be automated. Through Google Forms or Jira, you can gather all the recruiter’s thoughts about potential employees in a singular space. You will also be able to compare feedback about each candidate through automation.

At Arcanium, we communicate efficiently through automated processes, even in a virtual environment.

3. You’re not providing a good interview experience.

The interview is the biggest representation of a company’s core values and practices. It may be the first time you and the candidate communicate live. Therefore, you must use the right interview practices to create a positive experience.

According to The Hartford’s Business Owner’s Playbook:

  • Ask appropriate questions, not personal ones.
  • Make the candidate feel comfortable.
  • Remember that you’re the listener, not the speaker.
  • Express the job and employee requirements.

Adapting to the interview flow will create a conversation, instead of an interrogation. A memorable interview will leave both parties content with their discussion.

4. Your communication isn’t consistent.

Interviewers must communicate with the candidate both pre- and post-interview. Leaving candidates in the dark while you make your decision about them can result in losing them.

A simple way to keep interviewees engaged while making your decisions is by asking them about post-interview feedback. You could also follow up with the candidate and ask if they had any other questions about the company. This will also help you get an outside perspective on your interview. You will learn about what others think about the process while still keeping in touch with your interviewees.

5. Your hiring process is too long.

Having to wait for a reply or having too many rounds of interviews can discourage candidates.

A survey from Glassdoor discovered that “82% of adults in the United States would want the entire interview process to take less than a month.” From the same survey, “40% said less than a week is ideal” for the interview process. Your chances of losing a candidate only get higher as the interview process drags on.

In summary…

Make sure you evaluate and update your interview process. By keeping these five errors in mind, you can be the opportunity these qualified candidates choose to pursue.