Need Help With Your Technical Recruiting?

Shivani Raval
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3 min readAug 22, 2022


Are you a Startup trying to hire a Software Developer, Engineer, or Web Developer? Technical hiring comes with many unique challenges. In determining who is the right fit for the role, HR professionals must be sure that the candidate has a suitable skill set. Screening resumes only doesn’t cut it when evaluating tech professionals.

Define the Skillset and Writing the Job Description

Writing a well-defined technical job description is the first step. The job requisition must capture the desired skillset and attract the right kind of candidates. It needs to clearly define the project and the technologies the candidate will be working with.

The anatomy of a technical job requisition:

  • What is your tech stack?
  • What programming languages should the candidate be fluent in?
  • What cloud platform are they using?
  • What is the average frequency of code prop to production, including hotfixes?
  • Do you have any legacy systems in your environment?

It is imperative that the list of technology proficiencies is achievable and it reflects the core skills needed to do the job. Many skills can be easily taught or obtained, so define the “must-have” skills first.

Getting the Salary Right

In today’s competitive market, getting the salary right for the job you are offering is essential. For example, if you are trying to hire a senior developer, you must compensate them for their years of experience and expertise. Candidates prefer transparency when it comes to salary. It is better to be up-front and honest.

The Job Advertisement

Once you have a clear and concise summary of the project and skillset needed for the role, you are ready to advertise the position. For tech positions, you must consider:

  • What are the three most important tech skills for your candidate?
  • What are the latest technologies implemented in your application?
  • How many development tiers are present in your application?

Sourcing — When Your Pipeline Runs Dry

Advertising only reaches a small percentage of tech candidates looking for work. After you place your advertisement, screen resumes, and conduct interviews. You may run into a common roadblock — your pipeline runs dry. When this happens, you need a sourcing strategy.

You can put a sourcing strategy into place or get help from a qualified technical recruiter. The main focus of a technical recruiter is to source, validate, and present qualified tech candidates to a hiring organization.

Expertise Where You Need It

If you are a Startup, your early tech hires are crucial to your company’s success. Arcanium has taken numerous startups from the idea stage to seven-figure funding rounds and millions in revenue. We are in top-tier startup programs, including Google Ventures, YCombinator, and Techstars. Also, we at Arcanium provide software development, design, staffing, and recruiting services.

To help companies grow, Arcanium offers Recruiting as a Service (RaaS). RaaS functions like a full-stack recruiting service. However, instead of charging a traditional contingency fee (a percentage of the new employee’s salary), RaaS offers a fixed monthly rate.

RaaS saves companies time and money by delivering highly qualified, pre-screened tech applicants directly to you. At Arcanium, all tech candidates are sourced, screened, vetted, and interviewed by professionals.

Whether making your first hire or needing to give your in-house HR a break from recruiting, Arcanium can fill your tech roles fast and lean.