Floating House in Ogasa | Shuhei Goto Architects

A concept of this house is a “new openness” in densely built-up residential areas. The site is surrounded by the houses of neighbors, so the main theme of design is to form “a space excellent in privacy” and “an open space with brightness”. A 360 degree opening has been realized by using a steel frame between the wooden first and second floor. A living room is surrounded by the sky on every side, and a resident doesn’t have to care about neighbors. This house can bring him/her a bright and healthful life.

view from south-east side

view main room from south

view main room from north

view tatami space from living room

distant view from west side

inspired photo by Japanese traditional warehouse that raised floor built in 300 B.C(restore)


location:Kikugawa,Shizuoka Prefecture,JAPAN


site area:651.81m2

building area:92.74m2

total floor area:119.65m2


structural design:Takeshi Kaneko/Kaneko Structural Engineers (http://www.knk-se.jp/)

Photos © 1–10,12 photo by takumi ota (http://www.phota.jp/) 11,13,14,15 photo by shuhei goto architects

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