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This the head office project at Matsuzaka, Mie prefecture in Japan. The project‘s target is not on the value of the object view in respect to sculptural appearance of the building , but rather on the value of the environmental view with body experience.

The large volume, including working activities, is planned in the site with planted trees. Various places are created in the one volume with different width, height and depth, sceneries from a window and relationship between in-outside by designing inside spaces and gardens equivalently as spatial elements. The large reflective ceiling on the volume integrates inside elements with various colors and lights from outside — changing with different seasons, climates and time.

Diversity of the garden transforms from one volume into a heterogeneous space with group of different places. Body experience in the volume changes dramatically according to seasons, weathers and activities.

This project proposes a new approach to office design, which enables us to choose working places not only by function or work typology, but also by the experiential qualities of a space and its effect on the human body through reflected nature.

Project Information:

Project name: Office in Forest / Aquaplannet headquarters buildingLocation: Matsuzaka City, Mie PrefConcept design: SUGAWARADAISUKESchematic Design Design: SUGAWARADAISUKEDevelopment: SUGAWARADAISUKE + KITAMURAGUMI CorporationConstruction: KITAMURAGUMI CorporationPrincipal use: officeStructure: Steel flameSite area: 1,188.86sqm Building area: 356.73sqmFloor area: 348.01sqmHeight: 3,900 mmNumber of stories: +1PERIOD:Design PERIOD: Aug. 2010 — May 2011Construction PERIOD: June 2011 — Dec. 2011

Photographer: Takeshi Nakasa / Nacása & Partners Inc.


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