My peoject is about research of plants. I am really interested in greens, so as the idea of my library, plant is both for extertainment and academic research.

In the building, due to the two aside neighborhoods, the sunlight and humidity are showing so different inside. So according to the property, different type of plants can be placed as research resource.

The main stairs exist in the center of the library, one egress and one elevator are placed on north-west side.

The plaza is outside the library which is behind the green trees on the ground corner. On the first floor, there is one triple height space for displaying and on the roof there is a green house . The whole roof is also green area.

On the fourth floor, there is a outside garden for people who want to eat outside. More

In my project, more sepecific is the special program exit on fifth floor, the professional facility- experimental room, cultivate room, lecture room, collection room and fitting room. which are made for the professional people only.