Mark Foster Gage’s Lecture

The lecture in fact impressed me a lot, even though there are some points make people confused. I still remember a project his group made, a white sculpture door he showed in the lecture. I am attracted by the white and different shaped door at the first sight, since the facade looked so unusual than the normal pattern. Normally, the architecture is designed using combinations of smooth curves, straight lines. Or some odd building church has regular pattern rilievo on the surface. Which i feel so strange about the project is the component of the facade, in fact, i think the facade is designed by, they take all the original shapes of cartoon characters and hide their heads, then put their bodies relying each other. But in general, it does attract peopel.

Other project showed i feel so interested is the Diesel store, i feel like there must be some miracles happen when they turn on the light. Mainly using the unique shape of material and the light, they creat a ‘ unreal space’ inside the room. The changes of the shaped, color, location provide different sense of space, especially when putting them together, with the music, the effect of the display attracts people more than the space themslves.

The lecture provide me a unique way to think of design, not looking for the general rules, instead finding the elements from some science fiction or some thing not real in the world. No one said we have to do the regular ideas as others. The things will happen only if you can do the things others can not even imagine.