Arche Protocol has completed a multi-million dollar funding round

May 10 · 2 min read

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Arche Protocol has announced the completion of a multi-million dollar funding round and involved reputable companies such as ParticleXYZ, Ankr, Proverbs Group, 3commas, Prometeus LABs, Basics Capital, Lotus Capital, Moonwhale Capital, LD Capital, Gate labs, Chain Capital, Candaq, PAKA, DCI Capital, Raptor, Kryptos Research, Momentum 6, Cinch Block. It also received product support from Stafi protocol and technical integration from PARSIQ. The main-net of Arche Network will be launched on ETH and BSC in Q2 and its Solana version will complete an alpha test in Q2, and be launched in Q3.

Arche Network allows traders to create their financial contracts on the blockchain without doing any coding, making it easier to understand and implement without the need for a strong technical background. Arche treasury will support developers to build their financial product on Arche by using its contract factory and API. Arche also has plans to announce its IDO details at the end of May.

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