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Say hello to ArchieDAO!

We are ArchieDAO, a new project that brings the expertise of real-world architects to the many virtual worlds of The Metaverse.

ArchieDAO is a community-owned and governed NFT launchpad and marketplace that focuses on assets required in Metaverse virtual worlds, starting with buildings and other structures essential for brands to use the valuable land investments made to their full potential.

The team behind ArchieDAO believes passionately that the Metaverse is one of the critical frontiers in the growth of blockchain adoption. We also understand that for landowners (and renters), the question of how to make the best use of virtual real estate has become a critical issue.

Architects lead ArchieDAO with real-world experience, whose portfolios include iconic buildings across the globe. We understand that virtual space requires the same design expertise in development as any shopping mall, business centre, or public space. The only difference is you don’t have to worry about the plumbing. Or gravity.

Here are some of the features of ArchieDAO. We will go into more details about these in future articles.

Decentralised Architectural Organisation (DAO)

We have envisioned ArchieDAO from the outset as a DAO. The platform will run autonomously based on the smart contracts that underpin the system. Any changes to how the platform runs, such as network fees and residuals, will always be put before the community whose holding of the ARCHIE token will grant them privileges to vote on those changes.

ArchieDAO Platform

ArchieDAO will feature a launchpad for new NFT building collections and a marketplace for trading existing assets. There are two essential tenets of the platform:

  1. ArchieDAO is metaverse-agnostic and will feature collections for all significant virtual worlds
  2. Any asset bought on ArchieDAO will be guaranteed to be fully compatible with the target Metaverse.

Creator Onboarding

Launching an NFT marketplace or launchpad is no longer an original idea. What sets ArchieDAO apart, and ensures our success, is that we are from the world of architecture.

We will create online resources such as our planned Metaverse knowledge base for architects and launch the Metaverse Architecture Association, empowering our community to make their mark on this brave new world. This onboarding initiative will ensure a steady stream of innovative designs ready for the many virtual worlds of the Metaverse.

We will encourage positive participation at all times, rewarding successful creators with residual revenue as their creations are traded and all stakeholders with a share of revenue generated on the platform.

NFT Collection

We will announce the launch of an initial NFT collection of buildings for the Metaverse. This announcement will include details of which Virtual World(s) we will optimise them for and the type of structures available.

The NFTs will be revealed when the platform goes live shortly after our token generation event.

All holders of those NFTs will be airdropped our utility and governance token, ARCHIE when the token goes live. Also, holders of NFTs launched on the ArchieDAO platform will receive network royalties from revenue generated by the platform. The DAO will periodically vote on the amount of those royalties.

Coming Up

In future articles, we will introduce the team, examine the economic model behind ArchieDAO, delve deeper into the structure of the DAO, present some of our early partners and pre-sale contributors, and detail some of the marketing initiatives planned for the next few months.

We will also introduce Archie. We think you will love him (or her, or it, we are not sure yet).

In the meantime, please follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram chat group and news channel, and follow our Instagram account. We are just at the beginning of our journey, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

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