Archilogic announces

Many of you have been using Archilogic 3D models to create beautiful user experiences. Now we’re expanding our offering with the biggest update yet: This new platform introduces the most advanced toolkit for creating interior apps based on our cutting-edge APIs such as the 2D -> 3D conversion and the Homestaging AI. Whether you’d like to customise 3D models for your clients, create your own applications using our state-of-the-art APIs, or find partners who help you create the experiences you need — has you covered.

Building Blocks was launched with the aim to empower developers to easily create beautiful architectural 3D experiences in the browser. To do that we decided to expose the proprietary technology we’ve been using internally as APIs. The result is a set of building blocks which can be used in modular fashion to create amazing experiences: building blocks

Embracing A-Frame as a front-end

As we were finalising the release of we were contemplating how to maximise the options our users have to create experiences — while at the same time making sure that usability across platforms and devices is ensured. We decided to support as it enabled us to combine libraries with all the existing components A-Frame has to offer. As a result, it is now possible to easily create architectural 3D content with’s APIs and then turn this into amazing 3D apps using 3rd-party components. Take a look at the AppCreator to experiment with 3D right in the browser.

Use Cases

This is just a small selection of potential use cases. You can find more of them here and soon in our “How-Tos” section on this blog.

The first one here is a demo of how to use Google’s ARCore in combination with’s Homestaging AI:

In this second example we’re showing how to create a bespoke tour of a condo, complete with an interactive floor plan overlay and information windows. The A-Frame front-end was used:

Condo in 3D, including a Floor Plan Mini-Map and Information Overlays

Certified Partner Program

We believe that there will be a creative explosion in terms of building-related applications in 3D. As we are working on digitising all of the world’s interiors there is bound to be an incredible wealth of applications which will be developed by 3rd parties. In order to inspire our users we decided to create a Certified Partner program which shows hand-picked companies that create beautiful content and applications based on the platform. Go here to check out their work!

High-End Villa by Truss