Get a free web-based 3D Floor Plan of your Apartment

You made it. You finally moved into your new place and it was a lot more work than you expected. Nonetheless you feel great and excited about your new pad. And, you’re looking forward to arranging and potentially upgrading your furniture based on a clean sheet of paper.

Archilogic’s turns your 2D floor plan into a web-based 3D model. For free.

If you’re anything like me, it probably also means that you don’t really know what you want to buy, what works well with the things you already own and what fits into your apartment. Generally speaking: It’s quite hard to imagine what an empty room looks like once it’s furnished and it is even harder to push the furniture pieces around the room until you find a nice arrangement.

Three Easy Steps to getting your 3D Model

Luckily there is a tool that can help!
Archilogic creates a fully interactive, web-based 3d model of your apartment. It runs in your browser without the need for installing any additional plugins. Instead of putting a lot of effort into rearranging your furniture several times you can do it all with a couple of clicks. Here’s what you need to do:

Sample Floor Plan

1. Get a floor plan

First ask your landlord, builder or architect. If this doesn’t lead to the desired outcome you can try apps like Magic Plan to create your own floor plan with the help of your smart phone.

2. Upload your floor plan

Once you have a floor plan you’re good to go. 
Go to and click on the blue “Get your first 3d models for free” button in the middle of the screen which will lead you to the order form.

Archilogic landing page

Upload a floor plan as an image or pdf file, enter your email and the floor plan’s address (if you’d like to see realistic lighting based on location). If you don’t wish to enter the address just skip that step of the upload process.

Upload your plan, sign up, and enter the plan’s address if you wish to see realistic lighting

3. Get your 3d model and start experimenting

Once you’re through the ordering process Archilogic starts to work on the 3d model and will send you a link to the finished 3d model by email, usually within 24 hours. Here’s an example of what a basic Archilogic 3d model looks like for the plan above:

Interactive 3D Model — Feel free to experiment

Now you’re ready to explore your space in 3D. Use the Archilogic Editor to color the walls, rearrange your furniture pieces or see what a new furniture piece looks like in your apartment before deciding to buy it.

Have fun!