How to create a camera tour for your app

Thanks to you’ve managed to import your Archilogic 3d model into your own app using the AppCreator. But what now? You could let the visitor of your app explore your 3d model on his own or you could provide your visitor with a bit more guidance and put emphasis on the things you really want to present.

In this publication we’re going to look into the latter. Luckily, Archilogic has already done most of the work. All you have to do is to is choose the spots of the model you’d like to showcase.

With camera bookmarks Archilogic provides a tool which makes it easy to create quick and engaging animations within seconds or adjust already existing ones. By using camera bookmarks you can choose yourself which details of a 3d model are important and need to be showcased.

The first thing to do is to open your Archilogic 3d model in the 3d editor at

Open the Camera Bookmarks Menu

You can find the camera bookmarks menu in the lower left corner of the screen by clicking on the camera button. If you ordered a 3d model from Archilogic you will already find some bookmarks when you open the menu. If you built the model yourself it will be empty.

Camera Bookmarks Menu

In both cases you can fully customize the camera tour to your needs.

Click the + button to add a new bookmark

Adding new camera bookmarks is straight-forward — navigate to the desired position. Once you’re happy with the view of your camera click on the + button to add a new camera bookmark. Name the view, and you’re done.

Camera Bookmark

The animation will always start with the top bookmark and end with the one on the bottom. You can adjust the order of the bookmarks by clicking and dragging the three horizontal stripes on the left side of the bookmark.

Click on the button with the curved arrow to overwrite the stored camera position of the bookmark. Click on the two squares to duplicate a camera bookmark. This is useful if you want to return to a specific camera position before moving on in the animation.

Start the Animation

Click the Play button to start the presentation. The camera will move from one camera bookmarks to the next.

Make sure to save your Archilogic model once you’re done. The model in your AppCreator App will be updated automatically and will show up along with your newly created camera bookmarks.