Rebuilding Dunder Mifflin with Archilogic

It’s been almost 4 years since The Office (US) ended. Who would’ve imagined that a generic office based on mundane daily life would become one of the best sitcoms to grace American television?

Over nine seasons, some of us spent so much time inside The Office that it became incredibly real. We truly believed that Jim and Pam were in love. When Dunder Mifflin fell into financial trouble, we felt existential dread. Somehow, the most un-noteworthy office space had become comfortable and familiar.

And while the cast changed, and friendships and romances began and ended, the humble Dunder Mifflin office space stayed (mostly) the same.

Walking through Dunder Mifflin in first person

Thanks to the existence of several floor plans of Dunder Mifflin, including the originals by set designer Jeff Beck, as well as some old fashioned binge watching, we were able to recreate the space in Archilogic. Thanks to the web, we can share it as an interactive experience that can be viewed on any modern device with a browser.

Click the play button to activate 3D mode, or visit directly.

Hit the 3D play button to be taken back into the mundane-but-magical office space that is Dunder Mifflin, or visit the link directly.

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Tip: If you have a Google Cardboard turn your phone to landscape mode and use the VR button to experience to visit Dunder Mifflin in VR.