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There’s no doubt that when this day the whole world has turned on the go, a lot of things have taken an unexpected shape, from the materialistic ones like infrastructure to our mindset and way of living. Today we are surrounded by the vicious circle of electronics, prior meetings, and an over-committed schedule. The moment we finish off a piece of work and start a moderate celebration of satisfaction in our minds we get an implosive echo to rush off to a new destination for another task. Even if we try hard, multi-task, plan everything, still, we don’t get a hint of time to ever catch up (be it watching a game of cricket or soccer, giving attention to our families, having a lunch or dinner at a peaceful place, our personal pursuits and so on). These issues are something, which hasn’t exempted the strongest and the wisest. This has surely turned our world into a “FLASH” where everyone hustles to be on time and still runs on a perpetual delay.

Each entrepreneur essentially goes through this facet of life. Most of them have such a magnetic compulsion towards greatness and achieving the success that they allude in a hustle oriented mentality. They plan a lot in advance to catch up the future that they forget about the present. They neither get time to drink from the “fountain of youth” nor they are able to sustain crucial family relationships that should last a lifetime. This although may not have an immediate effect on them or their start-ups, but it acts like a termite which slowly degrades them from within and sooner or later they get a pang of emptiness around. Also, their demeanor may deteriorate which will show off in meetings and there might be a communication gap with the employees as well as family. This can soon reflect upon one’s ability to lead the start-up and BOOM. One can see his firm nose-dive in the market and sooner than they realize, it starts biting the dust.

What should be done lies in a concept called ‘slow hustle’. It involves approaching life with a sense of existing in the present and attunement. Here one gets eternal satisfaction related to their work as well as their personal aspects. One can cherish every success of their life, give time for their reclamation and let oneself go. This improves their work ethics and if coupled with good communication skills and demeanor it will definitely be conducive for the large multi-faceted aspects of the start-up.

How to achieve this ‘slow hustle’?

One should have a clear distinction between ON duty and OFF duty. One should not have the mentality of being available for work for 100 % of the time. This will inevitably make one feel overworked and exhausted. Rather one should allocate time slots for work versus leisure in life. Stack up all your works of the day as per your priorities and present to what matters the most at that particular time. In the end, there’s a difference between what’s important and what’s urgent!

Being an entrepreneur one has to set lofty goals each time for being in the run of the competition. This is somewhat inexorable till one is in the start-up stage. What one can do is break down your goals into small steps so that one will feel confident and accomplish each day, don’t give up. With the right strategy being broken into daily bite-sized chunks, even the biggest milestones are attainable.

The next mantra might save one with a lot of time. Focus on one particular job for a given time slot. For example, commit to answering as many emails as you can in say some 30 minutes. Keeping multiple business tabs open at a time will make you restless, distracted, unfocused. Instead open one tab in a given time slot so that you can hone your skills in that task and if you do it right, 1 shall be enough.

Being an entrepreneur is definitely not an easy job. You have to gently nourish the company, but in this quest don’t be to your own health or personal priorities. One has to establish an equilibrium between work and family for which the above mantras can prove crucial. Give time for revitalizing yourself, have a healthy mind and then proceed off to work. Nature shall reward your goodness and care, with a paper boat on the “sea of unknown”. And that shall be pretty much!

By- Siddharth Behera

Picture credits- REuuN


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