With every activity the hardest point is in the very beginning. The act of actually starting. Actually starting to write that application. Actually going on the morning run at 7am after a month of doing nothing. Actually picking up the phone to call a potential customer. It is just damn hard to really start anything.

There is a difference between “starting” and starting.

It is easy to brainstorm what a great business opportunity lies ahead but it is hard to close the first sale. It is easy to shop online for the coolest running shoes but it is hard to wake up 1 hour early, put them on and start running. It is easy to read a dozen self-help articles on LinkedIn on how to jumpstart your career but hard to find enough time to thoroughly follow through a Coursera course and build new skills that would give you that competitive edge.

So what is the best way to really start?

I have found the best way in shutting down the brain. Yep. In blocking the procrastinator that avoids you from getting things done — yourself. There are tons of more comfortable you’d rather be giving your attention to — liking on Facebook, checking email every 2 minutes, reading the news, watching TV. Stop with that. Shut down your brain so that there are no thoughts and distractions in it. Just silence.

With that to get things done you need:

  1. Turn off distractions — phone, tv, noisy office, Skype chats.
  2. Create a blank state of mind — think of a sheet of empty white paper if you have to.
  3. Single-task for at least 30 minutes — only do that one thing that you have to do.

Now stop reading this and start from #1.