Haiku Summary:

Writing is the flow.
Sharing your symbols and thoughts.
Value created.

Where does time go?

I wonder sometimes. I spend a lot of time checking FB like a drug addict and refreshing my email incase the 30 second delay was hiding something life changing for me. (It never is.)

Those days when I create something valuable, are the days I feel most productive. Whenever I create an epic blog post or get something tangible in front of people, I feel on top of the world. Like I made something real.

Content benefits everyone

I am beginning to see what people say about content marketing, or the idea of providing really good content, and becoming an authority, in order to build trust. This feels good for everyone. For me. For my audience. And I trust that my wallet will feel good for it too. It’s just the natural flow of energy. When all parties benefit, true value and happiness is spread within all.

Currently, I am focusing a lot of my time on writing my upcoming book, The Tropical Creator, which speaks about how I’ve chosen the unconventional life, traveled the world during and after college, worked for the most incredible company in the world, and why I will never be “employed” ever again, all by the age of 24.

I have a lot of interesting stories to share and I feel really good about finally putting them together in one place. The book is also teaching me many things about myself. As the main topic of this post continues — writing is my new-found love.

Cars that run on words

Writing is something that adds to the world. You know the law of conservation of energy? Yeah, writing breaks that law, with every letter that flows from my mind into reality. Same goes for all creative expression that people are constantly producing.

Hmm… now if only we can create a car that runs on writing…

Write for you (and others will love it)

People have this strange idea that writing is hard, or that they can’t do it, or that no one will care what they say. Those are all simply obstacles created in their own mind. If that’s the case for you, then stop writing for others and write for yourself. Perhaps one day you will publish it, and others will resonate with what you said.

I have written a sparse collection of words in my life compared to the epic bloggers and novelists I look up to. However, a few pieces that I wrote, have literally touched the lives of other people.

I am notified whenever someone comment on my posts. These are articles I wrote months and sometimes years ago, that people comment on, saying something like, “Wow Tharyn, that really makes sense to me, thank you for sharing this, I needed to hear this right now.”

Those posts were written for me at that time, as a journal and as a hobby, just for my own enjoyment. It’s not like I wrote those posts trying to get the most recognition or help anyone out, they were just made for me. So you too, can write for you.

Now is the write time

Stop waiting and start creating. I only wish I knew this years ago. I was online this whole time! But never did I start a blog and build an audience. Years of valuable time lost, but it’s okay. We can always write beginning today.

“A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” - E.B. White.

When I see that the power of my writing can affect and improve the lives of even three or four people, then my imagination can do the rest. Perhaps a million people would enjoy reading my thoughts and musings. That’s an idea that brings warm feelings and sparks of excitement to my heart.

Magical words

Words are powerful,like magical spells, written and spoken. And I am learning to love them ever more now that I have full creative direction in my life (because I now work for myself). I really look forward to creating true value in the lives of whoever happens to glance across my thoughts and symbols.

Thank you writing.


PS. Let’s guest post! Yes, because I want to write so much more, I would love to guest post on your blog. If you think my words can add value to your audience, then let me know and I’ll do my best to write something cool for you. Just send me a message here: http://fb.com/tharyn.me
We’ll all benefit. :)