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How to Create your Writer’s Profile for Architectonics Publication

Welcome to the team

To be added onto our list of writers, please drop a comment on this article.

Hello and Welcome!

I would encourage (but not limit) you to share your views on:

What would you like to alter or make better in your industry that can help create a better environment?

The theme of this publication is not limited to design. A review of green building guidelines or content on up and coming enterprises shaping the industry towards a green economy are all welcome.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Guidelines for a Writer Profile

There are four questions that you must answer:


Key interest areas: Data, Environment, Buildings

Replace this with a monotone (Black&White is ok) square photo of you. Photo must be taken in front of a white background without any texture. See example below.

What do you do?

How are you creating an impact in your niche?

Where can one find you work?



A matrical perspective on Architectonics - the scientific study of architecture. This publication invites thought leaders in sustainability & built-environment space to share their views covering environment, technology, data, insights, construction, principles, practises, etc.

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Aditya Vinod Buchinger

Architect | Climate actionist | Editor of Architectonics — a publication and knowledge sharing group opening up on sustainability in built environment