RIBA Part 3: PEDR Sheets and How I Prepared Them

24-month record of PEDRs are a compulsory requirement to gain Chartered Architect status in the UK

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This article is part of a series that I have written based on my journey in qualifying as a UK Chartered Architect. Here I will discuss PEDRs in detail — the platform which you use to record PEDRs, the participants in this process, points to keep in mind while filling your sheets, and so on. You must always rely on the official guidance and notices from RIBA and ARB. This article may be outdated or inaccurate as my PEDRs were covering year 2019 to 2021. Scroll to references to find the other articles.

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1. PEDRs and Participants

PEDR stands for Professional Experience Development Record. It is a mandatory requirement to submit 8 PEDR’s covering 24 months of professional work experience to register as an architect in the UK. Each PEDR is a quarterly record that corresponds to 3 consecutive months of professional experience.

For recording a PEDR you must be employed, have a Professional Studies Advisor who is an advisor appointed by the University, and an Employment Mentor who is a member of your workplace. Even if you have covered 24 months PEDR prior to starting your Part 3 course, you may still be required to record PEDRs while on the course. This was a course requirement by University of Westminster where I completed my Part 3.

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1.1 PEDR Monitoring Service

If you are no longer student or associated with a UK university, you must use the RIBA PEDR Monitoring Service or identify a University that can provide the same service. It is about £240 incl VAT. The Monitoring Service assigns a PSA for you who will guide and advise you on your development.

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1.2 PEDR Recording Tool

The Recording Tool is an online platform provided by RIBA. You must register or create an account to access the tool. It is a chargeable service by RIBA and annually costs about £ 26.40 incl VAT.

Screengrab from my PEDR subscription page

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1.3 Eligibility

You can record PEDRs from anywhere, provided you work for a registered architect from the region. See image below. In any case, you require at least 12 months of experience working in the EEA (including the UK), the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man under the supervision of an architect. The practical professional experience could be post-Part 1 or post-Part 2 experience. If you are working abroad, then you must take into account that Part 3 qualification tests UK practice and law. So reference must be made to the Part 3 Criteria by reflecting on your observation of the differences in processes and procedure between the UK and the region where you are gaining this experience. Your PSA can guide you here.

‘Practical experience is an integral element of the Part 3 qualification and is important in assisting you to meet the Part 3 Professional Criteria*, against which all Part 3 candidates are assessed.’ — RIBA PEDR Student Guidance

Screengrab from RIBA PEDR Student Guidance, page 7

2. How to fill PEDRs

Most students create a template in Microsoft Word where they record their activities and experience, and eventually copy them over to the online platform.

Stages in PEDR recording process. A Screengrab from RIBA PEDR Recording Service

Once you have filled in all relevant information in the sections General Information, Describe Projects, Record Activities, Reflect on Experience, you then submit the document to your Employment Mentor as the next step. The EM receives an email from the platform and reviews your PEDR sheet. You then sit down with the EM and take their feedback and recommendations on your development. You record the outcomes from this discussion in the Student/Employment Mentor Appraisal section of the PEDR and further Submit to Mentor. At this point the EM makes any additional comment or feedback and records it in the PEDR. Once the EM submits their comment, you can submit the PEDR to your PSA. PSA then makes their assessment and shares feedback which are recorded in the PEDR. Once the PSA approves the PEDR it is locked and cannot be further edited. You can download a PDF copy, and compile them for your Part 3 coursework.

See a sample PEDR provided by RIBA here.

2.1 My PEDR Dashboard

PEDR Dashboard is part of the online service. It shows a summary of all PEDRs and clearly provides an overview of your recorded experience. Below is the screengrab of my PEDR Dashboard.



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