Architect’s App of the Week: Save Your Sanity on Site Visits With ArchiSnapper

Sep 22, 2016 · 3 min read

by Orli Hakanoglu

In the field of architecture, time is always of essence. Drafting a field report during or after a site visit is often a time-consuming and tedious process. Fortunately, there’s an app to save you time and hopefully, a bit of sanity.

ArchiSnapper is a mobile field-reporting tool designed to automate this paperwork process. The app takes all the grunt work out of preparing reports, allowing you to quickly and cleanly develop onsite field reports, site visits, punch lists, field audits and safety reports from your smartphone.

With the app, you can photograph, draw, sketch, annotate and comment from a smartphone or tablet, and in just one click, the app will generate a report for you. It takes care of digitizing, organizing and classifying your data and even syncs to the cloud.

Anyone with whom you share the report can download it, making collaboration easy. With this app, you can potentially finish a field report before you even get back to the office. Having all the information on a singular clean interface can halve the time spent on site.

The app is equipped with features such as pre-filling repetitive fields such as the date. It also keeps track of who received your reports and when, facilitating communication and collaboration.

The app is powerful in that it’s not just for architects. Its features have the potential to be a valuable resource for real estate developers, contractors, engineers and safety professionals.

The app provides a streamlined report layout and allows you to fine tune it by adding your company’s branding and other details you’d like to contribute.

It’s easy to access the app and your reports anywhere, from a variety of devices. ArchiSnapper pulls data from the cloud and works on iOS or Android smartphones and tablets or on the web via your PC or Mac.

So far the app is used by over 2,000 Architects, Engineers and Construction Professionals already. ArchiSnapper is free for the first month and available on a subscription basis thereafter for a variety of different plans and prices.

This piece originally appeared on Architizer. “Architect’s App of Week” is a series on Architizer that spotlights new and noteworthy applications for mobile and tablet.

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Inside Architizer

A collection of pieces on architecture, design and how Architizer is bringing it all together

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