Bringing Marketplace Dynamics to the Building-Product Industry

Increased transparency on Architizer Source.

Sophia Somin Yoo
Jul 11, 2017 · 3 min read

At Architizer, we’re obsessed with making it quick and easy for building-product-manufacturers to connect directly with the biggest architecture firms in the world and to get their products specified in the best projects. This article is a part of a series of updates from the Architizer Product Team about new features for the Source platform.

Today, we’re excited to announce another major improvement to Architizer Source for Manufacturers. For the first time ever, manufacturers have visibility into the architect’s decision making process by revealing the brands and products under consideration for every single opportunity on Source.

See which of your competitors are in the running

Now when you’re in the process of evaluating an opportunity, and getting ready to submit your products, you’ll be able to see all of the options that have been submitted by competitor brands and other alternates that the architect has recorded as possible solutions.

Previously, this page did not provide any information on the status of the opportunity, such as the number of products considered or their status — it simply served as a record of your submission and provided no further details. After extensive interviews and usability tests with our manufacturer users, we discovered that our users wanted more information: visibility into who they were being compared against in order to help them make better decisions in their own responses, and a deeper understanding of the marketplace.

So, we listened. We redesigned the Opportunity Page on Source so that this page now shows you every product that an architect is considering for every opportunity on Source, including product submissions from other manufacturers.

Opportunity Page

On this page, you’re now able to see:

  • How many other brands and products are in review
  • Which brands and products are being considered
  • How the architect reacted to each product by “Shortlisting” or providing “Feedback”.

Don’t worry. The only information that we’ll ever reveal about submitted products via this page is the manufacturer, the product name, the product image, and the architect’s review status (shortlisted, in review, or feedback). We never reveal any potentially sensitive information like pricing or lead times; those are only available to the architect.

You’ll be able to see who you’re being compared against, which products are under consideration and, most importantly, how the decision-makers feel about each of those options.

Source is the only platform in the industry that provides manufacturers with this level of insight into the architect product selection process. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to make better-informed responses, have increased visibility into the architect’s decision making process and increase your chance of winning new business.

Help us help you

We hope you love these changes. We’re committed to making Architizer Source a more powerful, more intelligent resource for our users. As we continue to improve Source for Manufacturers, we’ll be using this blog to communicate new features or improvements, so stay tuned!

Reach out to our team at with any questions, comments, or feedback — or just to say hi. We care about your opinions!

Architizer Source is the premier online platform for connecting architects with building-product-manufacturers.

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A collection of pieces on architecture, design and how Architizer is bringing it all together

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Inside Architizer

A collection of pieces on architecture, design and how Architizer is bringing it all together