Source Update: Search, Compare and Evaluate Product Options All in One Place

An upgraded specification experience on Architizer Source

Architizer Source is designed to make architecture specifying easy and delightful. This article is part of a series of updates from the Architizer Product Team about product innovations.

Source was designed to facilitate product searching. Need a product? Source helps connect you with the right manufacturers who make the right products. To date, we’ve helped 90+ major architecture firms with sourcing over 6,000 options for their ongoing projects.

In extensive talks with our users we realized that we had gotten really good at matching, but we were no help at organizing and sharing data. Until now! Today we are launching several product enhancements to upgrade the way our users sort and share their product searches and selections.

Products Grid: Evaluate your options at a glance

We know that pictures are worth a thousand words, so we made it easier than ever to quickly browse your options. Products are now presented in a new grid layout that keeps images front and center and helps you effectively compare your options within the context of your project.

Product Cards

Digging into the details? Compare products in a new matrix view

When pictures aren’t enough to help you make your decision, you can view your options in a matrix to compare specifics and see how each product matches up against the others. Handy column sorting helps you rank and organize your options, while red notifications tell you exactly which items need your review. At any point you can shortlist the options you like the best to keep track of what’s in the running.

Product List View

Your requirements are always at your fingertips

We’ve moved your search criteria so that it’s always within eyeshot, allowing you to evaluate every product sent by manufacturers against your original specs. We also know that as your project changes, your product criteria does as well, so we’ve now made it much easier to update these requirements, which will help manufacturers stay up-to-date and provide you with high-quality options for fulfilling your project needs.

Search Details

Keep track of all your options in one place

This is the big one. By now you’ve probably noticed that Searches feel a lot more like “boards” — a place to both receive products directly from manufacturers and keep track of all the products that you’ve found elsewhere on the internet. Simply click on “Add a product” to get started with organizing your research all in one place. What’s more is that when you add a product from a manufacturer who also uses Source, you can start chatting with them directly to request samples or more information.

Log products on your own

Watch this space

We hope you love these changes. Architizer Source is all about simplifying and streamlining the project management and product specification workflows so that you can focus on what matters most — designing and building better, more sustainable buildings. We’re committed to making Source a better, more powerful resource and homebase for your teams.

As we continue to improve Source for Architects, we’ll be using this blog to communicate new features or improvements, so stay tuned! Reach out to our team at with any questions, comments, or feedback — or just to say hi! We care about your opinions.

Architizer is a New York City based technology company that creates tools for the architecture industry.