Sophia Somin Yoo
May 8, 2017 · 3 min read

For building-product-manufacturers in today’s fast-paced world, getting in front of architects can be hard. Architizer Source makes it easy for manufacturers to connect with the right architects at the right time to get specified. On Source, manufacturers can browse new opportunities published by firms like SHoP Architects. Manufacturers can then send their products directly to those architects through the platform.

We’re always working to make Architizer Source a better and more useful resource. That’s why we’re excited to announce some major updates to Source for Manufacturers.

Open Chat: Engage with architects faster

Open Chat in the Messages Center makes it easy to follow up on opportunities.

For the first time ever, Architizer Source empowers manufacturers to build and leverage personal relationships with architects via Open Chat.

Now you can chat with architects as soon as you send a product suggestion. You can answer their questions, drop in a personal note, ask clarifying information, and check on the status of their decisions.

Logged Products: Be the first to know when your products are being considered.

Source is a great tool for architects to connect directly with manufacturers, but an architect’s research never ends — their inspiration for products and materials can come from anywhere.

Now architects can use Source to “log” products that they found through their own research. These “Logged Products” appear alongside products sent by manufacturers. With this feature, architects are able to collect, organize, and evaluate their options all in one convenient place — Architizer Source.

Architects can log products from anywhere — right into Source.

What this means for manufacturers:

The specification process can sometimes be a black hole — it’s hard to know exactly when your products are being considered, or who is considering them. Sometimes, you won’t even know that an architect is looking at your products until you suddenly get a purchase order!

Now on Source, you’ll always be the first to know when an architect is looking at your products.

As soon as an architect logs one of your products, you’ll be notified via email. This feature leverages the power of Architizer’s algorithm, which selects the correct team member at your company based on past activity on Source. The next time you sign in, you’ll be able to chat directly with the architect who logged your product.

Even after your products have been logged, you can always send additional or alternate products to the architect for them to consider.

Logged products take the guesswork out of the equation and connect you with the best architects even faster than before.

Questions? Check out our frequently asked questions on Logged Products.

Sign up now to start connecting with specifiers. Already have an account? Log into Source to find new project opportunities today.

Help us help you

Architizer Source is all about bringing architects and manufacturers together to empower architecture and help us all build better buildings faster, cheaper, and better than before. We’re always looking to make Source a better, more powerful resource for our users.

Reach out to our team at with any questions, comments and feedback — or just to say hi. We care about your opinions!

Architizer Source is the premier online platform for connecting architects with building product manufacturers.

Inside Architizer

A collection of pieces on architecture, design and how Architizer is bringing it all together

Sophia Somin Yoo

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Happiest at the intersection of design and data. Product @Architizer.

Inside Architizer

A collection of pieces on architecture, design and how Architizer is bringing it all together

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