Introducing Brick & Wonder + Our Architizer Partnership

Black Desert House Designed by Oller & Pejic Architecture

Better design is innovative, useful, easy, honest, lasting and essential. But most importantly, it improves how we feel, think, interact and ultimately live our lives.

This is why we created Brick & Wonder — whose aim is to find a new way of experiencing real estate online. Told and illustrated from the perspective of the architects, designers, owners, craftsmen and builders who came together to envision, design and build homes for improving our quality of life.

We see ourselves as one tiny part of a burgeoning movement focused on honest design and better living. Together, we believe in uncompromised, principled building, true craftsmanship, smart processes and locally-sourced materials.

As our first initiative we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Architizer to assemble a selection of Brick & Wonder homes to feature on their website every other week. Architizer posts are now live here:

  1. Mid-Century Homes for Sale by Historic Architects
  2. Sumptuous Urban Dwellings for Sale Across the Globe
  3. Idyllic Modern Farmhouses