Refer-to-earn! ArchLoot Now Provides Incentive System For Guilds and Ecosystem Partners

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3 min readNov 26, 2022


The vast clusters of users are the most valuable assets in the web3 world. As decentralized as they can be, it is substantial work to build, expand and add value to user communities.

With an eye on the global market, ArchLoot has been expanding the ecosystem in the gaming space and covering different countries and regions. We have now befriended awesome players in the industry, including guilds, platforms and communities, and it is time to put the catalysts into use and work the magic of mutual growth!

ArchLoot now provides a holistic referral system that can be handled easily by partners to get better rewards for their contributions to the ecosystem.

Dedicated Package & Traceable Data

The system helps to drive growth and retention by enabling automated monitoring of user downloads and tracking of their in-game actions, with all data accessible to the community owner.

Taking guilds as an example, the system generates a certain game download link dedicated to the guild’s particular use. By distributing this link, the guild can see how their tractions are converting into user growth in the game, meanwhile being able to easily accumulate and check data points about any specific user in their community. They can see how many gamers have reached a certain level and even how much they spend on the game, all of which can also be assessed and exported in the shape of a numerical report.

Visualized Income & Better Retention

The capability of being able to trace and aggregate user data is not only to determine whether the promotion performance is deteriorating or avoid gamer churn but also to formulate better reward plans.

With the multiple and frequent touchpoints in the system, it is easier to identify key metrics that measure the contributions of a guild or a platform and share the outcome accordingly.

Driven by the community and in-game purchase growth, all partners that deploy the system can see their incomes in real-time. Any underperformance that slows the rate can be revised swiftly. The data dashboard that displays the user data provides a goldmine of insights that can help community managers and group owners to predict churn and optimize the methods.

ArchLoot has prioritised the gaming quality and user experience on top of anything else. With this level of data integrity and transparency, ArchLoot intends to maximise value with all partners and boost both counterparts in this increasingly competitive industry.

Building on a resource pool with over 70 guild partners, the game and the community are on the right track to ramping up growth. We’re looking to onboard at least 50 guilds and platforms in the near future.

Let’s head for fun, freedom, and the future of web3 together!




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