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How Archon PH Maximizes Your Revenue

Optimizing AdX/AdManager inventory requires significant know-how and daily analysis as it has a dynamic structure. We combine our experience with our optimization techniques and apply frequent optimization to reach/stay at optimal point. Also by letting you work with 20+ partners through 1, you will be able to reach powerful and on target monetization means for your site.

We are using the proper tools and focus on the points which will improve ad performance significantly such as:

  • Price floor optimization
  • Seasonality effects
  • Preferred deals
  • Audience targeting

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Archon Programmatic House is a global network of publishers and aims to relieve publisher of the significant burden programmatic advertising has brought on them by maximizing their revenues and letting them work with 20+ partners through 1.

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Archon Programmatic House

Archon Programmatic House

Helping Publishers Maximize Their Programmatic Ad Revenue Through 20+ International Partners

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