Immerse Creator UI/UX Overhaul: Post 1

We’re embarking on a journey to completely overhaul our user interface and user experience in Immerse Creator.

This was a very preliminary and impromptu brainstorm discussion that followed our bi-weekly scrum on Thursday, December 28th. We were mainly focused on designing the design process itself.

These are just some notes I took during the meeting.

What should our design process consist of? Should we have a single design lead, or invite more open participation? Maybe some of each? Who will be the core team to take on this process? Who on the team has bandwidth / interest? Where should we start? How can we make this process more open and transparent? How can we invite and encourage community feedback?

We were often tempted during the discussion to drill into specific details of the interface, but kept pulling back to the big picture. It’s important to not get too far ahead until we have the high level experience determined, so we can begin with the end in mind.

Part of our goal for our current sprint was to complete integration of our current Shapes v2 module, but we instead decided to leave it as it is for now and instead focus on this UI/UX overhaul since many of the details we’ll be re-designing it will impact Shapes.

We discussed some VR UI precedents we’ve seen that work well. Others that don’t work so well.

We decided that our next sprint will focus on the 1st minute of user experience. What does a Creator see when they first open the app? Tutorial? Scenes to choose from? Blank scene? Place their first object (let there be light? ;-)

We’ll also be focusing this next sprint on very high level concepts for the overall UI design. Is it a toolbelt? Radius of buttons like Dash? Fanny pack?

What do you think? We’re just getting started, and look forward to sharing more as we dig farther into this design overhaul.

See you in Immerse!