Thinking Bigger with Enterprise VR/AR in 2018: Who Should I Be Talking To?

Multi-player medical simulation developed for Envision EMI

I used to feel a lot more connected to the VR/AR community. The early Oculus Connects, Unity Vision Summit — treks to visit SVVR, VRLA, Seattle VR, Colorado VR (COVR). Those were truly exciting times.

For the past few years though, I’ve had my head to the grindstone building Arch Virtual. We’re reinvesting profits back into our Immerse platform development instead of travel and marketing, but I’d like to start thinking bigger to kick off 2018. I’d like to reconnect.

We have a lot going for us in the enterprise VR and AR space, and I’d like to see if we can take it to the next level. We’ve got a great team, a solid platform, and a growing number of visionary customers. We’re also working in markets with tremendous growth potential, developing for hardware that’s on it’s own epic growth trajectory and rapid evolution cycle.

Yet I can’t shake this feeling that we’re still operating under the radar. I’d like to see if we can move the needle a bit.

Toward that end, I’m on the lookout for mentors and advisers with business expertise — particularly those with experience in the VR/AR industry and wouldn’t mind my picking their brain a bit, or maybe even taking on an active role at Arch Virtual to help us scale. I’m also looking to grow our team, recruit additional development talent, and potentially raise further investment capital.

We’re heading west to California and Colorado over the next few months, and will be setting up camp within easy reach of LA and the Bay Area, and spending time in Denver / Boulder as well. Who should I be talking to while I’m on the road?

Do you know anyone with specialized industry expertise that wouldn’t mind my picking their brain a bit? Do you know any investors in this space we should be talking to? Do you know any ace developers looking for work? While I’m at it, I’d also love to meet with anyone interested in learning more about our medical and healthcare simulation, architectural visualization and product marketing / retail platforms. Are there any VR/AR events I should be aware of during this time?

Any referrals, advice, or introductions are greatly appreciated! Send me a note at

See you on the virtual frontier ! Or in Denver, or SF, or LA, or anywhere in between.

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