What is Arcology.io?

If you follow me on Twitter, or other social media, you have have seen me discuss two projects:


These two projects are the first in a series of small, awareness-focused applications. They are not meant to solve a problem in and of themselves, but start a discussion around the topics they address.

In this case, the issue of privacy and surveillance, and the suite of tools required in 2017 to use the Internet defensively to conduct even the most mundane of business without feeling overexposed, or monitored by even benign, but far-reaching web techniques, up to and including pervasive, and aggressively-motivated surveillance. The use of a VPN is a pragmatic approach to protecting yourself online from bad actors, as well as the overreach described above; the deployer starts that conversation by showing how accessible VPN services can be for even casual users (advanced users, for example, can likely tailor their solution, or know of truly more secure implementations, but for ease of use, and as a way to normalize proactive Internet usage, this is a solution that can facilitate). It is a gateway to using more secure, and more focused implementations of privacy tooling.

The latter application is a bit more geared towards the public at-large: The ability to reach representatives can be challenged in many ways. Perhaps you don’t have reliable access to a phone, or limited access to resources to make calls, or just no idea who to contact, or where. The Call Your Reps application addresses this in two ways: combining a zip-code based searched, with free browser-based calling means that one only needs access to any Internet device at all (with a microphone and speakers; at a library, or from a school computer, anywhere) to make a completely free-of-charge call to their representatives in Congress through your browser.

The goal of the latter is to make the nuts-and-bolts of how our system is supposed to function as easy and accessible as possible.

This blog will detail upcoming projects, current improvements to projects, and, from time to time, expound a bit on what makes this tech work.

Anyone wishing to contribute projects, offer feedback, or simply wish to keep in the loop, can reach the project at help@arcology.io (our pubkey can be found here).