Circuit Meter: Breaking the price barrier on submetering and analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it. Commercial buildings consume a lot of energy — nearly 40% of total consumption -but very little is measured in any detail, and certainly not in real time. Building operators might monitor one or two key pieces of equipment, but the vast majority of electrical consumption gets lumped into the black box of a monthly bill.

Circuit Meter’s proprietary architecture for financial-grade real-time metering has broken the single most important barrier to entry: cost. With an extremely low price point, what was once rare can now be ubiquitous.

Their advanced high-speed cloud-based data engine — built on techniques borrowed from the gaming world — can slice and dice incoming and historical data, in real time, according to audience. Engineers monitor equipment performance against commissioning standards, or other assets. Property managers compare performance of assets, by type, across a portfolio. ESCOs demonstrate results. All back-office analytics can be ‘white-labelled’ — customers’ client relationships remain in place. If the suite of analytics are not sufficient, then Circuit Meter’s API puts the data under direct customer control.

Originally posted Jan 17, 2014 on the