Morgan Solar: Next-generation solar is born

Hard to believe solar energy can be disrupted yet again, particularly after the precipitous fall in solar panel pricing over the last several years. Well — it can. Canadian cleantech star Morgan Solar is set to deliver the world’s lowest-cost, highest-yield grid-scale solar energy with their much-anticipated Savannah and Sun Simba products. Watch for 5c/kwh solar in the oil-rich Middle East!

The team at Morgan have been developing their concentrated solar PV (CPV) technology for some time, culminating in their most recent generation product, the Gen IV Sun Simba. Unlike traditional CPV, Morgan has ‘flattened the box’ — no focal length, no 3D box, no heat stress and deformation, less materials. This all adds up to a very low-cost product, with high efficiency and better performance in high heat. Their manufacturing process leverages standard equipment, dramatically shortening ramp-up time and lowering CAPEX requirements.

Their proprietary self-ballasted tracker — Savannah — eliminates a lot of PEC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) costs (check out this great “three guys and a pickup truck” video!). The lowest cost tracker on the market, and pre-wired for easy installation, it comes at a marginal premium to standard tracking. Savannah adds value to traditional solar developers as well as those moving to the next-generation Sun Simba.

The management team is world-class: from CEO and solar veteran Asif Ansari, Executive Chair Eric Morgan, and brilliant CTO John Paul Morgan — this team is poised to deliver disruptive solar technology on the global stage.

ArcTern participated in the B-Round, alongside Enbridge, Iberdrola and the Kuwaiti Investment Authority.

Originally posted Aug 11, 2014 on the