SmarterAlloys: Bringing metal alloys to life

SmarterAlloys enables metal alloys and even plastic polymers to behave like artificial muscle, changing shape on demand. SmarterAlloys is the only company in the world with the ability to embed multiple permanent memories or pseudo-elastic forces into a single shape memory alloy (SMA). Until now, only a single memory or force profile could be programmed into an SMA, which limited their application. Despite this limitation, the SMA market has grown to a $5 billion market and we believe SmarterAlloys will greatly expand this market with it’s discovery.

As a platform technology, SmarterAlloys is applying its innovation across many industries from orthodontic wires and medical stents — to lightweight mechanical devices in the automative and aerospace sectors. Additionally, there are many groundbreaking cleantech applications, such as converting waste heat to kinetic energy — developments we will actively support the company in commercializing.

SmarterAlloys’ innovation was discovered by Dr. Ibraheem Khan with support from professor, Dr. Norman Zhou, at the University of Waterloo’s world renowned Centre for Advanced Materials Joining.

Originally posted Aug 18, 2014 on the