Legendary Finnish designer launches fashion charger

Finnish startup ASMO Solutions launched on Monday Mr. Charger — designed by a legendary Finnish designer Eero Aarnio — saying it was the first designer charger in the world.

Aarnio is the father of the ball chair — a lasting icon of pop culture.

A typical smartphone is beautiful and expensive, but the charger for it is cheap, ugly, and bulky.

“We asked Eero Aarnio, one of the world’s masters in the field, to transform the humble charger into a beautiful design object,” ASMO said in the campaign.

Marc Dillon, Eero Aarnio and Asmo Saloranta

ASMO Solutions, which makes premium chargers, raised late last year 1.28 million euros in just a few days on Privanet’s Around platform.

ASMO is run by former head of Jolla, Marc Dillon, and it makes more fire safe premium chargers which do not use any electricity on standby. For its first charger the firm raised $93,000 in 2015 on Indiegogo from almost 1,500 backers around the world.

“Aarnio is best known for his iconic Ball Chair, and a style of work that is funny and playful, just like us. (We really are match made in heaven!)”

“Happily, he took up the challenge because there has never been a beautiful charger before,” ASMO said in the campaign.

You can order your own Mr Charger for $34 (+shipping) from Asmo’s Indiegogo campaign. The firm raised more than $9,000 during the first day of the campaign.