Taavi Kotka joins Estonian startup Plumbr

Taavi Kotka on stage at Slush 2015. Slush Media/Jussi Ratilainen

The Estonian technology startup Plumbr said on Tuesday it has raised its first round of institutional venture capital funding from Karma Ventures, and announced that former CIO of Estonia, Taavi Kotka, joined Plumbr as VP of Sales.

“Plumbr has so far invested in product development and initial go-to market steps,” Priit Potter, CEO of Plumbr, said in a statement. “The feedback we get from the market gives us confidence to start scaling sales. Raising additional funding and bringing in extra commercialization power enables us to step up our expansion efforts.”

Plumbr software makes digital user experiences transparent by monitoring each interaction that the users perform with its customers’ software. In addition, Plumbr exposes the root causes of the performance and availability issues that trigger poor user experience.

Kristjan Laanemaa, a partner at Karma Ventures, said: “We decided to back Plumbr after recognizing the potential of building a new-era application performance monitoring solution company. We think that the future is not only in monitoring the technical performance of digital services, but also in exposing the business impact of performance and availability issues. This gives businesses the chance to detect and eliminate problems that could otherwise have a significant impact on business results.”

“When I saw what Plumbr had built, I immediately understood it was the solution I had lacked in my CIO days,” said Taavi Kotka, VP of Sales at Plumbr.

“I do see the strong product built by the founding team and I do feel I can help build sales channels to tap specific markets,” Kotka said.

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