Startup Wise Guys unveils first tradeable accelerator batch

Tarmo Virki
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2 min readMar 14, 2017


Usually startup accelerators raise their capital from business angels or venture funds, which then sit on their investments for years, waiting for an exit.

Estonian accelerator Startup Wise Guys took a different approach with it latest batch — raising around 350,000 euros on Funderbeam crowdfunding platform, which enables investors to trade their investments like any stock exchange.

So with investors evaluating every step they make, the meaning of a demo day will be slightly different for these teams:

Teams of SWG Batch 8, with SWG team at the opening event on Monday.

Airis Vision (Romania) — A technology that can recognize and localize objects and concepts in photos, videos and live streams directly into low end devices, not in the cloud.

bNesis (Ukraine) — A safer and more reliable solution to rapidly integrate any app with multiple cloud services.

Cenos (Latvia) — Integrating open source engineering modeling software solutions into a single platform, challenging the expensive CAD/CAE software giants.

Fanvestory (Estonia) — With Fanvestory fans and investors can earn long-term revenue from the commercial use of copyrighted songs.

Inapptics (Armenia) — Inapptics helps app creators to visually analyze actual user behavior and improve their apps with proactive insights.

Induto (Belarus) — Increasing the efficiency of managing teams for managers of distributed teams, through a structured video messaging solution.

IntelFlows (Denmark/Romania) — With a network of thousands of mobility vehicles that collect environmental data, we are able to have the best understanding of our environment.

Mobscale Labs (India) — Helping app owners better understand their customers using analytics and drive more engagement and revenue through personalized communication.

Robotic Solutions (Latvia) — Giving industrial equipment the ability to communicate with each other and work in teams.

VRnet (Ukraine) — Making it easy for architects & interior designers to show their customers how their future home is going to look like, using virtual reality technology.

Welltrado (Lithuania) — An innovative alternative investment marketplace showing unique investment opportunities through emerging financial technology.

We will be following closely how price of the SWG ticket develops during the programme. And we will be there at the demo day to report on hits and misses.



Tarmo Virki
ArcticStartup News

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