ASPA Partner Focus #3 — Announcing the Latest Stake Pool Operators Partnering with Ardana

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Welcoming the New SPOs

We are excited to introduce the next batch of SPOs (stake pool operators) in our third ASPA focus series!

SPOs enable the Cardano community to contribute to the network, earn a return on their ADA, and provide support when needed. Through ASPA (Ardana Stable Pool Alliance), users of the Ardana ecosystem will have access to stake pools that share our vision and ethics. Ardana will also be investing funds into stake pools that are linked with ASPA.

Please join us in welcoming our latest SPOs.

LiverPool [LIV]

Since LIV went live, they have developed organically and are minting blocks at regular intervals. The team comprises IT professionals and blockchain enthusiasts, and so far, the stake pool has donated over $3500 to worthy causes so far.

LIV was intrigued by Cardano’s systematic and scientific approach. They believe more planning, testing and execution of developments is what’s missing in the blockchain industry. This approach is even more essential if critical financial and social applications rely on the base infrastructure.

The SPO stated that constructing a leading DeFi platform will be critical, and the team behind Ardana has the experience and roadmap to build what is needed. LIV stated that creating awareness around Cardano is in the mutual interest of SPOs and Ardana.


PSYA is a stake pool with a mission to promote psychedelic research and plant medicine-related projects by donating 20% of the pool’s rewards. In addition, 5% of pool rewards are donated to tree planting, and funds are also donated to raise awareness on using psychedelics as a potential therapy breakthrough for mental health illnesses.

PSYA views Cardano as one of the strongest communities in crypto. They believe the community is the heart of Cardano and also a reason why it will succeed in the mission of changing the world’s financial system.

The team behind PASYA fully support the idea of cooperation with community stake pools and is happy to see Ardana supporting mission-driven pools and help to spread some good in the world.

Furthermore, it is happy to be part of the all-in-one DeFi platform with the first stablecoin running on Cardano.


AMOON donates 10% of pool profits to charities that help save children across the world. It provides a positive contribution to the community by helping pool operators, delegators and raising awareness to the broader community about the Cardano ecosystem. They are also a member of CSPA and strongly support decentralisation.

In 2017, the creators of ADA Moon Pool made their first investment in Cardano. They have been amazed by how this effort has progressed over the years. Following the introduction of Shelley, the founders decided to build their own pool. It took three months of research to build, secure the pool, which was launched on April 2nd, 2021.

AMOON first became interested in Cardano in 2017, when Cardano’s project phases were announced. The founders of ADA Moon Pool were immediately intrigued and began researching from there.

AMOON were also impressed that Cardano chose Africa over any other developed country because of its ambition to make banking accessible to the unbanked and its focus on partnering with Stake Pool Operators to be ecologically responsible and reduce carbon emissions. All of this is a tribute to Cardano’s principles and the impact it is having on the world.

The team at AMOON agree that Ardana, being the first stablecoin DEX, is a major change in the Cardano DeFi ecosystem, with services including the dUSD stablecoin DEX, Dana token, and Ardana Stablecoin Vaults and are pleased to be joining us.


According to RADAR, Cardano is one of the strongest contenders to replace traditional government-backed fiat currency. They donate 10% of their profits to Coin Center, a cryptocurrency advocacy organisation dedicated to educating policymakers and ensuring that future regulation will continue to foster cryptocurrency innovation.

The RADAR stake pool launched in March 2021. The team are fascinated with Cardano and applaud their digital identity program in Africa. They believe Cardano is setting an example of how the blockchain can empower a future generation by giving them control of their finances and personal information.

RADAR commented, “We are thrilled to be a part of the Ardana Stake Pool Alliance as our mission aligns perfectly with that of Cardano’s: using technology to create positive global change by creating possibilities for the many as well as the few.”

Cardano Fans [CRFA]

Rewards from the Cardano Fans stake pool are donated to fund charity work and blockchain education. Cardano Fans (CRFA) was created in 2020, shortly after Shelley was released. At that time stake pool was called: “FreeDOM (FRD).”

The team is made up of three members — Mateusz, Andre and Pieter. Mateusz and Andre are veteran software developers who run the stake pool, and Pieter is helping to run Cardano Blockchain Insights. They are developing further Cardano Blockchain Insights and are contributing parts of their rewards every month to a charity in Brazil. Mateusz is originally from Poland, Andre from Brazil and Pieter from the Netherlands.

The team strongly believe in Cardano’s mission to improve the developed and developing world. They hope that the rollout of blockchain-based technologies can help with transparency and accountability regarding organisations and the political system. Cardano Fans are excited to join the ASPA and have the opportunity to work with a DeFi that will soon launch on Cardano.


Thank you for reading the third article in the ASPA Partner Focus Series! Any interested stake pools that would like to join Ardana Stake Pool Alliance (ASPA) click this link to access our application, and you could be featured on our website and in a future ASPA Partner Focus article. We at Ardana understand that for DeFi on Cardano to flourish, stake pools must be engaged from inception to adoption.


Ardana is Cardano’s stablecoin hub which will bring the necessary DeFi primitives needed to bootstrap & maintain any economy to Cardano. Ardana offers an on-chain asset-backed stablecoin and a decentralized stable-asset DEX. The stablecoin is verifiably backed by an excess of on-chain collateral and will enable borrowers to take leverage on their ADA or other supported assets. The DEX is a highly capital efficient exchange enabling swaps with minimal slippage & fees while providing low-risk yield opportunities to liquidity providers

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