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ASPA Partner Focus #6 — Announcing the Latest Stake Pool Operators Partnering with Ardana

Please join us in welcoming the latest ASPA joiners to Ardana! We sat down and interviewed each stake pool to find out their mission and goals, who they are as a team, and discover what inspires them about Cardano and Ardana.


FEEL is a Portuguese stake pool with a purpose. FEEL’s stake pool returns are used to support non-profit associations committed to developing disadvantaged communities. The founders are a young couple, Cátia and Gonçalo, interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Gonçalo is a computer scientist, and Cátia is a psychologist.

The two see Cardano as much more than a cryptocurrency. They both believe in the project as a whole and think it will be the reference project for all future blockchains one day.

They believe Ardana is a project that will prove necessary to the Cardano ecosystem, as many of Ardana’s features will unlock the true value of Cardano. FEEL are excited to join and support one of the first projects to launch on Cardano in the Goguen era.

ECO Pool

Eco Pool is run by Mathias Michael, a German engineer residing in New Zealand. The pool supports charities to fight climate change and environmental challenges. The objective of ECO Pool is to maximize rewards for both delegators and the environment. They give out 30% of their pool’s rewards to environmental organizations that help plant trees, clean the oceans, and fight for a greener future. In addition, they aim to tackle environmental concerns through their charitable donations while also allowing ADA holders the opportunity to be a part of this cause by delegating their ADA to ECO Pool.

ECO Pool was founded in October 2020 and minted its first block in Cardano mainnet two months later. Since then, ECO Pool has created over 250 blocks for the Cardano blockchain and donated nearly $10,000 to various environmental organizations.

Eco Pool views Ardana as a platform that can bring financial independence to people worldwide by using an ecosystem built on a stablecoin protocol.

Mathias stated, “That’s Ardana’s goal that makes me most excited. I am also excited that Ardana wants to collaborate with community stake pools that have a mission and contribute for the greater good.”


Champ’s goal is to build a network of stake pools that assist worldwide humanitarian initiatives. The pool was created at the start of the Shelley period (epoch 211) and participated in the incentivized testnet phase before that. The pool is managed by a team of two technological experts with a combined 40 years of expertise.

The two founders decided to run their pool on Cardano because they were impressed by the research and rigor that has gone into the Cardano project. They believe that Cardano’s scientific approach gives it the credibility that it can achieve its fundamental, long-term goals. Namely, serving as a global financial operating system and providing identity and access to the developing world. Champ stated, “This is a cause that we believe in and are happy to support.”

They also commented that the on-chain over-collateralized approach to stablecoins provides a lot of trust and transparency regarding liquidity. As a result, Ardana is ideally positioned to take advantage of yield farming in a secure manner, which will be essential to draw new users to the Cardano ecosystem.

Champ is proud to be part of the ASPA and looks forward to increasing the larger ecosystem’s visibility and attracting more delegators.


The Wish Stake Pool aims to assist families in overcoming poverty-related challenges. The team donates at least 10% of its profits to organizations that support impoverished children’s educational needs. The idea behind this is that if a child receives a good education, they will have the tools to rise out of poverty and help their family achieve the same.

Wish also assists new and aspiring SPOs in creating and maintaining their pools through the Cardano SPOT Check portal and is involved in other crypto and blockchain communities. Apart from being a member of the Cardano MDP, WISH Pool is a founding member of F2LB, a group of 60+ stake pool operators who pool their ADA to assist members in obtaining their first two lifetime blocks (F2LB).

Wish fully support Ardana in creating a stablecoin solution and decentralized exchange for Cardano. The team is happy to be part of a project that is making a real difference in the world by helping the unbanked and making financial transactions more decentralized through the ASPA.


SPEC is a Cardano-based pool that donates 40% and its rewards to charities that provide education to children in the developing world. SPEC also contributes to the success of Cardano by building on tools like slot-leader-docker and applications such as

SPEC admires what Ardana has created and its vision for the future. One of the main reasons why SPEC joined the ASPA is because the founder wishes to support great DeFi projects, such as Ardana.


Thank you for reading the sixth article in the ASPA Partner Focus Series! We at Ardana understand that for DeFi on Cardano to flourish, stake pools must be engaged from inception to adoption. This is why we created ASPA, to engage stake pools that we align with to work towards the betterment of this ecosystem.


Ardana is Cardano’s stablecoin hub which will bring the necessary DeFi primitives needed to bootstrap & maintain any economy to Cardano. Ardana offers an on-chain asset-backed stablecoin and a decentralized stable-asset DEX. The stablecoin is verifiably backed by an excess of on-chain collateral and will enable borrowers to take leverage on their ADA or other supported assets. The DEX is a highly capital efficient exchange enabling swaps with minimal slippage & fees while providing low-risk yield opportunities to liquidity providers.

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