Arda & Apple Watch: Innovation Never Stops Moving!

Waynne Dartnall
Oct 21, 2018 · 2 min read
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The case for Performance Lab to build a coaching experience for Apple Watch Series 3 users just made sense:

· Apple Watch is reaching close to 100 million users

· Its operating system and heart rate technology has leapt in quality

· Apple Watch Series 3 includes an accelerometer, barometer, GPS and text-to-speech. This means you can leave your phone behind when you run and still access the Arda coaching experience.

Using solely the data inputs and history from the Apple Watch, our new app will tell you if you’re pushing too hard and risking burn out or taking it too easy. It will track how much your fitness has improved and give you personalized tips on improving your running technique. In the future we will use Arda tokens (ARDATs) to reward good training behavior as detected by our coaching software. These tokens will be able to be redeemed for healthy goods and services as well as things like flights, accomodation, event tickets and more via our partnership with REM Loyalty.

From a development standpoint, our Apple Watch app now captures all the data required for the Arda Coaching Engine and sends it to the cloud for processing. Our unique ability to calculate running power in real time with no additional hardware is also fully functional on the Watch as is the display of AI coaching graphics and tips in the companion iPhone app. We are currently beta testing with a private user group and insights from this are being used to inform our product team of new features and upgrades.

Of course, the Apple Watch Series 4’s functionality as an activity, exercise and health device has leapt another level again with its many sensors. We look forward to also utilizing that device to maximize Arda’s contextual methods to coach runners in an increasingly useful way. Innovation never stops moving!

Performance Lab’s Token Generating Event (TGE) for its Arda Smart Training Community is closing on 31 October 2018, 5pm NZDT. To learn more and to buy tokens visit, or stay informed by joining our community on Telegram.

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