Nearly 90% Achieve Fitness Goals With ARDA (As Opposed To 10% Without ARDA)

Waynne Dartnall
Oct 30, 2018 · 2 min read
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Did you know that, when applied in a goal-based setting, ARDA’s proven, patented methodologies have resulted in nearly 9 out of 10 participants achieving their fitness goals? This is in contrast to just 1 in 10 participants in a control group achieving their goal without the help of the ARDA.


Performance Lab ran a formal five-year study on 1,500 primarily non-active, non-experienced and recreational participants to measure the outcomes when prescription of training was automatically matched to physiology and experience — that is to say, when specific fact based advice was provided according to pre-defined rules. The goal was to measure what and how much effect we observed in performance outcomes, behavioral change, physiological change and self-motivation.

To validate our outcomes, we repeated the study each year for five years on many of the same people, with some additional new participants each year. We ran a control group of 100 whereby the participants were expected to complete the same goals but without the measured support given to the test group.

Goal-based Outcomes

Interestingly, just 9% of the control group made it to the designated event, with varied performance outcomes. In contrast, in the ARDA group, 89% of participants reached the start line of their desired goal event and 100% of those who started the event completed the event. This result was achieved for five consecutive years!

Physiological Outcomes

Physiological or health outcomes in the ARDA group included a 22% improvement in aerobic fitness, 5% reduction in BMI, 11% reduction in heart rate and a 5% reduction in cholesterol.

Results from reassessments and surveys indicate that:

  • 97% enjoyed the experience
  • 97% would do it again
  • 72% rated higher energy levels

You can download a PDF of the case study here.

ARDA Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

The results from the study are clear — ARDA helps you achieve not only your fitness goals, but also your health goals.

Performance Lab’s Token Generating Event (TGE) for its ARDA Smart Training Community is closing on 31 October 2018, 5pm NZDT. To learn more and to buy tokens visit, or stay informed by joining our community on Telegram.

Performance Lab

Building a healthier world, one athlete at a time.

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