Aether United Update:We’re Growing!

Justin Zheng
Sep 18, 2017 · 2 min read

Hey Aetherians! We haven’t released an update in a while, but now, we’ve got a whole bunch of new things going on!

First of all, we’ve acquired three esport teams! We don’t want to be one of those crypto projects that’s just a whitepaper and a fancy website, so we decided to get some stuff done before our crowdsale.

We’re proud to announce that we have a North American PlayerUnknown:Battleground’s (PUBG) team, a European PUBG team (which includes the top 10 players in Europe), and a North American Rocket League team!

All three teams have been performing extremely well in tournaments and we look forwards to becoming known as one of the top esport organizations in the world! Join our Discord at to get announcements on upcoming games! We’d love to have you cheering our players on.

In addition, our IRL esport events have been doing spectacularly, and you can check out the pictures here (at our shiny new .gg domain name)!

Remember to check out our website at and join our Discord at to get more updates on our upcoming crowdsale and our teams!

That’s all for now! GL;HF and let’s chat again soon.

~Justin Zheng

Founder & COO

Aether United

Ardent United

Crowdpowered Esports Team

Justin Zheng

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Founder of Ardent United

Ardent United

Crowdpowered Esports Team