Aether United’s Rebranding

Our New Logo!!

If you’ve seen our site recently, you will notice that we have a new logo and new graphics. Our Creative Director, Alisha Rosen, joined our team around one month ago. Since she joined, she has completely redesigned the website for the better. Before Alisha, we attempted to make the site ourselves. We used a terrible template and tried to manually change the code for everything else we needed. Our site looked visually unappealing and confusing because we lacked the creative knowledge.

Alisha started the logo and site redesigning immediately after she joined the company. She entered with three goals in mind: Trustworthiness, simplicity, and user-friendliness. Our colors are favorites within the esports and blockchain scenes. Esports companies use a dark design in their websites and logos to appeal to players: Black. Blockchain companies use lighter colors to convey trustworthiness and security: White. Then, our Creative Director set out to find another color. In the end, she found a color prevalent in both industries: Aetherean Blue (dubbed-so by the Creative Director herself).

To do this, she chose the dark design of esports and combined it with the blue it shares with blockchain companies. The contrast between the blue and black also brings the vivid colors of gaming to mind. Alisha created many different designs and gave us and fans the power to vote on their favorite. Ultimately, we agreed upon a simple triangular design. The shape seems futuristic and energetic with its sharp points and the swoopy line. (I hope swoopy is a word, if it’s not that’s our first trademark.)

Our First Logo

Our first logo, was a mountain surrounded by a halo. We enjoyed this design because the mountain resembled our mission to reach new heights. The triangle expresses this mountain in a more simplistic and symbolic way

We would love to hear your opinion on our redesign so please visit and leave a comment on this post. Thank you for sticking with us as we continue to improve on Aether United. #BetterTogether

Twitter: @AetherUnited