Justin Zheng
Apr 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Hey everyone! It’s time for our latest update. We’ve got a completely new website that has the link to our new whitepaper, MVP, and Discord (which you should definitely join).

In case you don’t know what Ardent United is, here’s a quick summary:

Ardent United is a crowdfunded and crowdgoverned esports team. We use blockchain to create a decentralized corporation that is fully transparent. Tokenholders utilize our token in order to vote, participate in bounties, and receive dividends. Through the use of crowd governance, Ardent will make more intelligent and ethical decisions than other esport organizations.

Basically, we’re looking to become the first decentralized corporation.


Our whitepaper is here and comes with a new design and new information. It now goes into more detail about the Token DPA system that we will be using for the crowdsale. It also fully describes the voting algorithm that we’re using (Bayesian Truth Serum). We’ve also added several research articles that show the effectiveness of crowdwisdom and the growth/audience of esports. Check it out!


Cookies are good

Our new MVP is built with Aragon Core 0.5, which just got released on the testnet. If you’d like to try playing with the MVP, join our Discord and we’ll send you a few test Runes to test with. Right now the MVP is very simple with only basic voting and finance built in. However, we’re working to develop more advanced apps.

Benefit Corporation

Ardent United is becoming Ardent United Benefit Corporation! A Benefit Corporation is a type of for-profit entity that includes “positive impact on society, workers, the community and the environment in addition to profit as its legally defined goals.”

We decided to do this because we’re already using the blockchain to maximize our financial transparency. By becoming a Benefit Corporation, we legally hold ourselves to be transparent about our social and environmental impact. This also lets us highlight our goal of creating a more decentralized, transparent, and fair world. It’s important to note that Benefit Corporations are for-profit and this does not affect our commitment to giving you a return on investment. In fact, many large VC’s are investing in Benefit Corporations. You can read more about Benefit Corporations and investments here.


We’d love for you to join our Discord and tell us what you want to see happen with Ardent United. Remember, we want this to be your team just as much as it is ours. We’ll also be announcing crowdsale details and other updates on our Discord. See you there!

~JZ-Founder at Ardent United


Ardent United

Crowdpowered Esports Team

Justin Zheng

Written by

Founder of Ardent United

Ardent United

Crowdpowered Esports Team

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