Blockchain and Corporate Responsibility

There has been a long history of companies and their owners behaving unethically or untransparently. Recently, the CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, stepped down after accusations of sexism and other issues. Google refused to disclose salary data comparing the salaries of male employees and female employees and said that it would be “too expensive”.

At Aether United, we will use blockchain to help mitigate these problems. First, let’s discuss unethical behavior. Many companies have done things that the greater public would prefer them to not do. (Tax evasion, discrimination, etc.) Because Aether United is crowdgoverned, the public is able to comment and change many of our actions. If we ever do anything unethical (which we are working very hard to prevent) you and the rest of the crowd can stop us. Also, it is important to remember that Aether United tokenholders are NOT shareholders. They do not benefit from AUN doing unethical actions for the sake of profit, AUN tokenholders benefit from AUN gaining wider appeal. As a result, tokenholders are incentivized to push us to act ethically and responsibly. Of course, we’re not naive enough that blockchain is a solution to all problem, but we know that it can help.

Another issue that concerns the public is lack of transparency. As stated above, many companies won’t disclose salaries and other inner workings. Because our operations are run on the blockchain, our financial transactions are transparent. If people believed that we were evading taxes or underpaying employees , it would be trivial for them to investigate. There are definitely issues with this (identification, privacy, etc.) but we will be working with the public to resolve these issues overtime.

There has been lots of research done on blockchain but this research has mostly been done on economic impacts and privacy implications. (Anonymous drug transactions!) However, there has been very little done on using blockchain to help society. (But, there’s been some very interesting research on using blockchain for charities and sending money for donations.) At Aether United, we will start exploring these social impacts and using blockchain to help improve the world.

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