How to Participate in the Tagging Competition

Justin Zheng
Jul 25, 2017 · 3 min read

For our, we’re giving away prizes for people who take great League themed pictures and tag us in it! Every hour or so, we will be picking the best submissions. You may post as many pictures as you want. Here are some important things to remember!

1.You can post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We prefer Instagram over Facebook, and Facebook over Twitter.

2.Remember to tag us on posts! Here are the tags to use on each social service. Try putting the tags in a sentence, like Thanks to … for hosting this tournament!

Instagram:@AetherUnited @Mobalytics @DiscordApp

Facebook:@RazerStoreSF @AetherUnited @Mobalytics @DiscordApp

Twitter:@AetherUnited @Razerstore @MobalyticsHQ @DiscordApp

3. Remember to use the hashtag #BetterTogether and #RZO and set your location at Razer. Also, if you can put in the Aether United logo, you’ll have a higher chance of winning!

Here’s how to use Instagram to make good pictures!

  1. Go to the Instagram app and select the camera:

2. Take a picture and press the pen or the sticker tool!

Now you can mess around with the picture.

You can draw in the League character, or if you have two phones or a partner (#BetterTogether), use the sticker image tool.

The camera button allows you to embed another picture within the original. You can select this, bring up a champion picture on another phone, and take a picture of it. Both the Location sticker and the Hashtag button can be used for BONUS POINTS! Be creative!

3.Press the add to Story button. If you want to post to Facebook or Twitter, just press Save. (You can post to all three)

4.Once you’ve added the picture to your story, press your profile picture.

5.Go to your picture, press the three dots and press Share as Post. Remember, to tag us, use our hashtags, and write a good caption! You’re done!

Remember to be creative!

(All photos shared are under a Creatives Commons No-Copyright License. We will attribute to you if they are shared.)

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