Up-Goer Aether United-Explaining Our Business With Only the 1000 Most Commonly Used Words

We are buying (with money that you and other people give to us) a team with people that play computer games for money. Other people like watching this and pay to watch! Other people like the people watching and pay the team to talk to the people watching.

With our team, people give us their ideas and we put them into play. People can also pick which ideas they really like. Isn’t that nice? The people that give us good ideas or pick good ideas get nice things. People that make or pick bad ideas lose their nice things. Their nice things are given out to everyone sometimes. The nice things are called ‘runes’. ‘Runes’ let people give ideas, pick ideas, and get more nice things by working for us. People get also use their nice things to buy clothes and other things to show people.

When people give us good ideas we will do better things because we have more ideas and more voices helping us. This makes everyone happy!

Our team uses a book of computer money. When a person spends money or uses money, it goes in the book. This makes everything very safe and makes it very hard for bad people to take your computer money. The very good thing about this is that everyone can see our team spending or using money. This means that we can’t take away your money and spend it on stupid things. We hope that you will give us your computer money so that we can buy a team and make really nice things!

Learn More! (With bigger words)

Website: AetherUnited.com
Email: AUN@AetherUnited.com
Twitter: @AetherUnited
Facebook: http://Facebook.com/AetherUnited
Discord: http://discord.me/aun