At the Edge of the Cliff

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. Photo by Evan Krause.

Dawn breaks through clouds
and the city below ripples in sunlight.
Amidst the tangle
of breaths and rasp of
debris on skin, 
we blaze over the landscape 
with the fever of our eyes,

breathe in the briny tang of the sea 
bathed in crimson dawn,
watch the limestone lips of the cliff
plunge to meet the sea’s saltwater kisses, 
listen to the swoon of the wind
echoing through the sun-baked ridges.

The cliff, too, tells its own 
stories of how the world 
has happened upon it,
turning time and tide into 
trails of jagged beauty.

We sit drunk in the glitter 
of golden foliage
and feel the throb of 
a new day, a new dawn.

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