Sea Dreams

Michelle Muses
May 27, 2019 · 1 min read

lune poetry montage

a lune is a poem of three lines which typically follows a syllable pattern of 5/3/5, giving it the shape of a crescent moon

The quiet beauty
of this town
in rose-quartz sunset

makes us want to fling
away maps
and follow our hearts,

and that is how we
find ourselves
getting very lost

meandering through the
sprawl of streets
and ending up here

at an unnamed beach
softly lit
by the porcelain moon.

The sea unravels
in velvet
waves, throbbing through dusk.

Ships plunge into swells,
parting each
in blue-skirted waves.

Brush sand-crusted hair
from my cheeks,
say those words again

under soft tendrils
of moonlight,
let whispers cascade

from lips the hue of
a conch shell’s
curved pink interior.

Hold still and the world’s
great beauty
rushes in, calling.

Let’s unfurl our sails
and be whisked
away by the night.

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