The story of love

Your story of love is misaligned,
in each breath you exclaim your passion’s touch,
each breath brings you closer to the ultimate, oneness;
the great Divine.

Mystery exists where troubled minds have scripted,
into the stories delved within the book; a conjuring of passion,
displayed for digesting,

which book are you ingesting?

The sacred dance between eternal and ephemeral is what you feel,
combinations of DNA and sequence of constriction,
as one body melts into another, each body melts into another,
in the process of awakening, see thy ghost, realize you are the father,
mother, the children in between,

catching glimpses of love making, 
utter the breath that holds you near, moments of ardor
entrenched in each arm, intertwined in each being;

a simple cry from the wilderness, calling out,
come home,

come home.