Who will galvanize this town?

Often, our best work happens when we’re in a situation we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves. The hard part is choosing to be in that sort of situation in the first place, the uncomfortable one where we have no choice but to do better work.
Find a galvanizer if you can. If you care.

The above quote is from Seth Godin — here.

His post is about Sir George Martin who died this week. In Martins first interactions with The Beatles he had reservations about their writing ability and their choice of drummer.

Martin had them record a song they didn’t care for and also brought in a session drummer the band hadn’t chosen. How did they react? They raised their game. Their writing got better and better. Ringo stepped up, accepted the challenge and proved himself. Beatles fans know the story well.

Our hometown Ballymena

We find ourselves in a series of situations that we wouldn’t choose.

Hundreds of job losses in manufacturing. Retail in decline. Vacant properties all around our town centre. Local businesses closing far too frequently. Pedestrian & traffic disruption as a result of the ongoing public realm scheme.

We are where we are.

Other towns around Northern Ireland face similar challenges.

How will we react?

Complaining about the situation we find ourselves in is all very well but, how will we all raise our game?

As Ringo stepped aside and watched a session drummer play on Love Me Do he opted to rise to the challenge. He got back behind the kit and raised his game. John and Paul didn’t shelve their writing when Martin felt it wasn’t up to scratch. They rolled up their sleeves and wrote a hit song. And another, and another….

Ballymena. How will you raise your game?

Consumers, businesses, clubs, churches, collective groups and organisations. If you care, you must take the initiative and galvanize.



  • to cause (people) to become so excited or concerned about an issue, idea, etc., that they want to do something about it
  • to cause (a force that is capable of causing change) to become active

Who will galvanize this town?

The heart of our work with are collective & more specifically Ballymena Today is offering an effective product, building real community, raising awareness, stimulating hope and spurring people on to look around, help one another and work together. We can’t do it all by ourselves though.

More of you need to be excited or concerned about the issues our town faces and then act. Respond. Galvanize.

John, Paul, George and Ringo could have bowed to the pressure from George Martin and kept session drummer Andy White. They could have released How Do You Do It instead of fighting for what would be their first hit, Please Please Me.

But they cared. They raised their game. They believed in themselves and their music. They fought for it.

The whats and hows of businesses and organisations differ greatly. You have to create new ideas, fresh methods, smarter plans. The coffee shop operates differently from the jewellers and the butchers. If you care, you will find a way to keep raising your game and you will galvanize. Again and again.

Ballymena needs to raise it’s game. Individually and collectively.

You can follow our writing about local business, news and organisations on Ballymena Today here.

To find out what our wider team offer to local businesses via Are Collective go here.

Positive footnote

Just this week I sat in a local business and watched several other business owners come and go, chatting with staff and sharing their day-t0-day experiences from their own businesses.

Some people in our town centre — some— are blazing a trail of hope by raising their game effectively, accepting the challenge, interacting with each other, supporting each other and building a tribe of followers.

It’s a beautiful thing, it may well galvanize this town.

Who else will step up?