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Stories of Solidarity

—A (news)letter of hope—
  • First, we decided to #staythefuckhome, with some members of the team falling back or locking down in Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and beyond.
  • Then, we had some long video-conferencing with our team and took a long hard look into the webcam, and the mirror, while we discussed what to do next. How should we move forward with the magazine and the stories we were going to bring out in the midst of this unprecedented health (and economic) crisis which is — understandably yet relentlessly — hijacking the entire news cycle and everyone’s newsfeed, not unlike the virus it is caused by?
—Our version of #staythefuckhome—

Solidarity Stories

Constructive Coalition

  1. Produce, publish and share stories about solidarity, hope, the unexpected and the underreported, about solutions and positivity, without discouraging healthy skepticism or ignoring the hard realities;
  2. Support as many freelance and early-career journalists as possible in the process.
The name says it all:
The power of nature during a lockdown:
The Case of The Missing Hit:



Follow the journey of creating the first pan-European media company.

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