Do You Suffer From BS?

A checklist of symptoms to bring to a medical professional.

Lisa Martens
Jun 27, 2019 · 3 min read
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Do you see a fun pool to play in, or an annoying chore to be maintained? Photo by timJ on Unsplash

Along the path of life, it is normal to acquire BS. BS does not have one known cause. It seems to be environmental in nature. Please note that this quiz is not intended to diagnose BS. It is merely a resource.

Select Yes or No for the following:

Yes: I really want to make my parents proud! I’m going to do a great job and everyone will rejoice in my success.

No: I should make my parents proud. They did so much to me that I owe it to them. If I don’t, and if I’m a failure, I will have failed everyone. They sacrificed for nothing.

Yes: I enjoy helping people when I can. If I am not enjoying it, then I will find a way to take a break or I will talk to them about what is going on, before I build resentment.

No: I force myself to help people to prove something, and I actually find it to be a huge burden, and I will constantly remind people about everything I gave up for them.

Yes: People around me encourage me to succeed and have good intentions for me. If I do not succeed, then I can try again. I know I can rely on others for a positive outlook.

No: I feel like people will talk badly about me if I fail (but I also think they might talk badly about me if I succeed.) If I do well, I will be reminded of the negatives (like paying more in taxes). In fact, it is better for me to hide both my successes and failures, since talking about either will result in criticism.

Yes: Mistakes happen, and people grow from them and move on.

No: Mistakes ruin your life. You will squander your youth and opportunities and never recover. The best was in the past.

Yes: Everyone is free to pursue their version of success.

No: Success and life are narrowly defined, and if you stray from this path, you will be punished with disease or poverty (and deserve it).

Yes: Have clearly defined relationship expectations — Whether it is a romance, a committed relationship, or something else entirely.

No: Leave relationships undefined for the benefit of someone else. Have no boundaries. Constantly feel drained and unable to find sure footing in the relationship.

Yes: Work a job you believe in, at least to a degree where you don’t feel guilt, anxiety, or shame…one where you are treated well and receive reasonable pay increases and feel valued.

No: Constantly play “trade off” games in your mind like — “Well, I hate the job, but the benefits are good” and “I get free cereal, but I am paid $30,000 a year and live in a major city.”

Yes: Talk to people directly and openly. Feel confident in communication. Listen, understand, and show empathy.

No: Walk on eggshells wondering if people are actually saying what they mean. Spend time guessing what someone means instead of being able to take them at face value.

If you selected no for any of the above, you may have bought into someone’s BS along the way. BS is highly contagious, and even good, well-meaning people spread BS. Please do not hate the person who gave you BS…they likely do not know they have it.

Hopefully, we will have you cured of your BS soon. While BS is not fatal, it can severely impact your quality of life, and should be treated.

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Lisa Martens

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“Are you okay?”

Stories that cause “concern.” Feminism. Satire. Humor. Misc.

Lisa Martens

Written by

Books, articles, tip jar.: 📚 Collab?

“Are you okay?”

Stories that cause “concern.” Feminism. Satire. Humor. Misc.

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