“I usually like white girls, but I like you!”

Is not a compliment.

Photo credit https://stocksnap.io/photo/VR4IPSLIOI

He says it confidently. He’s handsome.

He’s expecting me to crumble with gratitude into his arms so he can have his happy ending with me, an acceptable, educated version of the Chiquita Banana girl.

To him, I’m perfect. I speak Spanish and English, but my English does not have an accent. I say…



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Lisa Martens

Lisa Martens

👽🛸🪐I come in peace to disfilter your internet. 👽lisa.snetram@gmail.com 🛸🪐 How sexy surfers in Costa Rica live✨🇨🇷 https://ko-fi.com/s/fbc51b6b15